To my portfolio! My name is Chase Tiner. I was born and raised in Chico California and am a student at CSU Chico. Here at Chico State I have been studying liberal studies with the hope of becoming an elementary school teacher. I knew that I wanted to become a teacher when in high school I took a class called Careers With Kids. In this class I was able to participate as a teacher’s assistant in a fifth grade class. It was there that I discovered my passion for teaching. Some of my personal interest include teaching judo, reading novels, and hiking in Chico’s Upper Bidwell Park.

My goal with this portfolio is to give you insight into some of what I have learned during the 2018 spring semester at CSU Chico and how it has shaped my views into writing. During this semester I have taken multiple English classes that have really changed the way I think regarding my identity as a writer. Within this portfolio are some assignments from these classes that I have found to be signposts of my progress. Also included are some of my writings outside of academia which give will give you a look at my personal writing style.